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Production pieces

Usually in stock. Soon to be available with shopping cart and the usual amenities.

Delicately built and nicely detailed, this colonial era knife rack works very well and comes in hardwood or subdued colors derived from early american examples..

I just got sick of trying to prop up my book while I ate supper. I came up with this design and make them in figured hardwoods or milk painted pine with a large adjustable acrylic sheet to keep various thicknesses of book open, or a shorter insert to keep a kindle etc. from sliding away. Shipped slightly disassembled requiring a screw driver to complete. I call it a "media stand".

Solid cherry cutting boards in a very robust thickness with a non-toxic salad bowl finish of course!

Early American windows had no springs or sash weights, so needed to be propped open in summer. These hardwood pieces are inexpensive, sport an oil finish, and come complete with a small period correct headed cut nail to hang it in the window opening when not in use.